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Fairy Tea Garden, Fairy Ferry canoe



Nightingale Fairy, Fairy Log Cabin

Fairy Flying Obstacle Course


Dew Drop Pool, Song of the Plains

Fairy Tire Swing

Fairy golf shop, Fairy Town House with Stream

Fairy Boudoir

Fairy Stonehenge


Human Visitors' Chairs and Rainbow Bench

Secret fairy House

Stretching over two hundred feet and high up into trees, the Hondo Iris Farm in Hondo,New Mexico has entered the competition for the world’s largest and most extensive Fairy Garden, with over 50 exhibits.  According to David Hall, one of the Iris Farm’s proprietors, “We wanted to create a safe, protected and fully functional environment for any fairies that might be living in the area. We believe we have achieved that goal.”  “One competitor to the Hondo Iris Farm fairy garden is the Sleepy Hollow Fairy Garden in Blairsvile, Georgia. But that fairy garden is not exclusively for fairies.” Hall continues, “ “There is also a beautiful children’s garden in Sarasota, Florida.  And the fairy garden at the William Rogers Park Botanical Center in Palisades California is a close competitor”  Other large fairy gardens can be seen by going on Google.

The Hondo fairy garden is located in the forest area below the iris garden. Among its other up to date facilities, the fairy garden boasts a general store, a bar-b-que restaurant, a fairy flight school for the training of young fairies, a fairy ring with toadstools, a canoe, conveniently located on the side of the irrigation ditch, a fairy swimming pool, a troll bridge, a children’s fairy wishing tree, and even a fairy golf shop. Younger fairies can swing on a fairy tire located high up in the trees, out of reach of any children or adults who might be visiting the garden. For added fairy protection there are strange fantastical forest creatures hiding in the forest trees, ready to scare away any unwelcome intruders.

Over one thousand visitors attended the annual Mothers’ Day Iris extravaganza at the Iris Farm to walk through and admire the annual Iris Bloom. A large number visited the fairy garden, many of whom declared the fairy garden a wonderful delight, better than any fairy garden they had ever seen or imagined. Several visitors suggested that the fairy garden would be a welcome stop for people on their way to visit Roswell’s UFO museum, forty five miles down the road from the Iris Farm, or Carlsbad Caverns.  The fairy garden adds another element to the area’s already rich history of outstanding attractions.

The fairy garden is actually a large art installation created by four area artists: Anne Haile Carson, a Roswell, NM resident and sometimes lecturer on fairies and fairy gardens, Karl Wenner, a mathematics teacher at Hondo, Santa Fe folk artist Ed Larson, “Famous Ed”, and Hondo artist Alice Seely.

The four artists plan to continue to contribute to the fairy garden’s already extensive list of fairy vignettes, so the fairy garden can further substantiate its claim to being the world’s largest, and only desert garden exclusively for fairies. The next project is a fairy convention center, suitable for a gathering of thousands of fairies.

In the meantime, the artists hope to inspire both children and adults to begin work on their own fairy gardens.