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Proprietors:  Alice Seely, David Hall

Horticulture: Chris Camacho

The Hondo Iris Farm

(One of New Mexico's most beautiful gardens)


In July we ship Iris and have hundreds

available at the farm to take home and plant.

If you are nearby come and see our selection.





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Tuesday-Friday 8-5

Saturday 8-4

 Sunday 10-4

(closed Mondays)






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One of New Mexico's  most highly recommended tourist destinations.

One of New Mexico's most beautiful gardens!



Free Admission!!!

Picnic Tables



(575-653-4062, 575-973-0006)

After Hours (575-653-4809)

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Highway 70, Mile Marker 284

(Between Ruidoso and Roswell)


  For detailed directions from Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Ruidoso, Roswell (click)

Warning: Don't trust your GPS for this location -- the standard GPS directions are wrong for some strange reason.



The Iris Garden


Photo by Billy Koen




Our Iris are prize winners . 



photo by Shulamit Rymberg




Images of the Garden











































Desert Botanical Plants

(We have an extensive collection of high desert plants, labeled with common and latin names)


Sea Holly Thistle

(not outlawed)







        Mexican Butterfly BushButterfly Bush




Red Tip Yucca





Photo by Jerry Holm



We sell Lilies and Peonies

(July Bloom)

Lillies in Iris Field

Oriental Lilies


         Oriental Lilies


          Oriental Lilies


Oriental Lily

Oriental Lily



The Hummingbird Porch

(The Hummingbirds fly South at the end of September)

If you are fascinated by hummingbirds, you can sit on the "hummingbird porch"

and watch hummingbirds feed, fight, and fly.  The hummingbirds arrive in April.

The males arrive first and scout out the territory.  The females arrive several weeks later.

We always make sure to have the feeders out when the males arrive so they will stay.

 The photos on this page were taken by visiting photographer Bruce Gaucher . 

The top pictures are of black chin females, the bottom picture is of a black chin male.

Notice the white spot eye markings, not characteristic of all black chins.


Click here for more wonderful photos of our hummingbirds

on our porch taken by Johnny Bliznak, M.D. click




photos by Bruce Gaucher


The Hummingbirds have hatched



                                                         One week old, tiny with short beaks                Two weeks old, longer beaks

Nest is 2" across, very small and hidden


On June 27th they flew away after 23 days in their nest.

And now the nest is empty 

(An article on Black Chin Nest Building click)


And we have beautiful butterflies

  Western Swallowtail Butterflies



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The Iris Farm Gallery

   In our gallery we sell:



Downstairs Sitting Area


Around the Gallery


We have a jewelry factory and sell our jewelry at factory prices click


Visit our Retail Web Site click

    Interesting clothing at reasonable Prices



Textiles from around the world, including embroidered pillow covers,

wall hangings, tapestries and purses from India (designed by Alice Seely),

and amazing women's clothing




Funky Purses Designed by Alice Seely


Please Come and Visit

(post your pictures and comments)